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15 February 2020 ( 86 views )

Botaneras sausages

  • 1 Package Sausage cocktail (500 g)
  • 4 Tablespoons MAGGI® Liquid Seasoning
  • 4 Tablespoons CROSSE & BLACKWELL® English Sauce
  • 1 cup tomato sauce
  • 1/2 Cup Orange soda
  • 2 Pieces Chile Serrano
  • 8 fresh cilantro twigs disinfected and finely chopped
  • 1 Piece Lemons your juice
  • 4 Tablespoons Purple onion finely chopped


Mix the sausages with MAGGI® Juice, CROSSE & BLACKWELL® English Sauce, catsup sauce, orange soda, chili peppers, lemon, onion and cilantro.

Mix and offer.

Culinary council
You can add turkey ham cubes.

Nutritional advice
Purple onion contains flavonoids, a type of antioxidant found in red or purple fruits and vegetables.

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